The Machine Lab
Length 15"
Width 2.5"
Height 3.75"
$995 individually
$1,950 as pair
The MTP-15 is a basic, self-contained robotic track unit. Each unit can carry 7.5 pounds of payload or 15 pounds of payload when assembled in pairs. The MTP-15 was designed with modularity in mind, allowing you to quickly connect 2 or more pods together using 1-inch diameter tubing or rod. These units are a compact solution to getting your project moving quickly.

The MTP-15 is a strong 2-piece clamshell design, constructed of anodized CNC billet aluminum, and custom continuously molded track. The unit comes complete with high torque 32mm motor, motor controller, and power/control input lead utilizing a single connector. The only thing necessary for operation is a 24VDC input capable of sourcing 15 amps for one pod or 30 amps for a pair of pods, and a PWM control signal from a device such as an RC radio controller, micro controller, or computer. 12VDC motor options are available.

The MTP-15 can be outfitted with high torque or high-speed drive motors depending on your application requirements. Like all the other MMP mobile robot platform products we can customize the unit to fit your needs. Please see the specification sheet for more information.

4.5 lbs
7.5 lbs
3.2 ft./sec
1.5 hrs