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The MMP-40X tactical robot system is a rugged and proven machine having been used for tactical operations by US law enforcement. This robot is medium to large sized machine that is extremely robust yet, at 100 pounds, can still be lifted and carried by one person. The robot is multi-terrain capable and can climb many types of stairs with no problem.

The MMP-40X-HD tactical robot has 3 cameras which include a forward facing color Pan/Tilt camera with IR illumination up to 20 feet in total darkness. There is also a wide angle color gripper camera and a wide angle color rear facing camera that perform well in low light conditions.

This robot platform can be fitted with many different accessories including 4, 5 and 6 axis manipulator arms that have the ability to open doors and lift from 8 to 25 pounds depending on the chosen arm. Other accessories include but are not limited to flood lights, spot lights, Infrared flood lights, payload bays, remote release trailers, sensor arrays, custom tools, additional cameras, ribbon lifts, scissor lifts, and folding telescoping boom arms.

Please see the specification sheet for more information.

63 lbs
30 lbs
5.5 ft./sec
4 hrs