The Machine Lab
Length 16.5"
Width 17"
Height 6"
The MMP-17 mobile robot platform is a quick and agile wheeled base that has a tremendous run time of up to 4 hours. This unit has an accessible rear battery bay for quickly swapping batteries. This unit can carry up to 5 pounds of payload with no problem. The chassis is made of aluminum and the unit comes complete with high torque 52mm motors, motor controller, batteries, battery charger, power switch, and LED fuel gauge.

Everything is wired and ready to go out of the box. The only thing necessary for operation is a control signal from a device such as an RC radio controller, micro-controller or computer. There are multiple control protocols that can be used  including PWM, analog, RS-232 Serial and Packetized RS-232 serial. This unit also has an optional set of encoders for the drive motors, which can be interfaced with the included motor controller.

Like all the other MMP mobile robot platforms, we can customize the unit to fit your needs. Please see the specification sheet for more information.

17 lbs
5 lbs
7 ft./sec
4 hrs