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Q: What does the MMP-# stand for?

A: Mechanical Mobile Platform. The number denotes the weight of the platform.

Q: What can an MMP platform be used for?

A: These robot platforms were designed with versatility in mind. We wanted to build a workhorse that could be used in many applications. These applications may include, education, research and development, service and inspection, surveillance and security, exploration, hazardous duty, trade shows, robotic competitions, personal projects, or even entertainment. What do you want to do with an MMP?

Q: How do I control an MMP?

A: The MMP platforms come with dual PWM electronic speed controls that utilize the R/C standard control signal. This is the same signal that is used to control standard hobby servo motors. The signal  is a 1.0 ms to 2.0 ms pulse rate with 1.5 ms being the "dead zone". This means that by varying a pulsed signal with timing between 1 and 2 milliseconds you can control the left and right hand drive motors in fully proportional forward and reverse. If a 1.5 millisecond pulse is generated the controllers stay in a neutral or stopped position. There are two standard Futaba type leads that are routed through the MMP lids. Each lead has a white, red and black wire. The white is for the signal. The Red is for +5V power (provided by on board regulator) and the black is the ground lead.

Utilizing this control format allows the use of  standard hobby receivers to control the MMP's as well as most micro controllers such as the Basic Stamp, the Scott Edwards servo controller board and  Lynxmotion's First Step and Next Step boards. This also means that the MMP's are great for directly transplanting your robots "brains" and sensors from existing projects and kits.

There is also a RS-232  Serial control board being developed for use with PDA's,  palm tops, and lap top computers. Please inquire if your application requires serial control.

Q: Do I need a secondary battery or power supply to power my micro controller or R/C receiver?

A: It depends, there is a regulated 5V output from the MMP's controllers that will operate up to 100 milliamps. So, be careful in your power requirement calculations. if you intend to mount several hobby servos, lamps or multiple electronics or sensors you need to use an external 5V regulator that can accommodate your power requirements. We highly recommend a switch mode BEC.

Q: Are the MMP's waterproof?

A: The MMP-5 and MMP-8 are not waterproof. The MMP-30 and MMP-40 are weather/water resistant but not submergible. If your application requires weather proofing contact us for customization.

Q: Can I use my MMP in robotic competitions or product development.

A: Yes, once you purchase an MMP you can use it for any application within the scope of what is legal in your state and within the rules of the chosen competitions. Please send us pictures and descriptions of your creative uses for these platforms so we can post them and offer inspiration to others.

Check our Purchase page for specific terms of use and warranty information.