The following are examples of what our customers have been doing with our line MMP mobile robot platforms.





Adam Gettings and his team at Robotex have been modifying custom MMP-40 platforms to be used as Infantry Replacement Robots (IRR's) and Robotic Force Multipliers for Early-Entry Forces.

These armed smart robots are for use by the United States Military to help save soldier lives.

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New pictures from NASA Mike and the team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The robot surveyed the harsh terrain and weather of the Antarctic. The team outfitted an MMP-40 with loads of sensors and communications gear including a LADAR unit, Satellite phone comm. system, onboard computers, battery heaters and much more. The robot has the ability to be controlled from anywhere in the world via the internet. 



LAIR The Lab for Autonomous and Intelligent Robotic at the University of Waterloo used an MMP-8 for their project named CAMMRON. Coordinated Autonomous Multiple Mobile Robot with Outdoor Navigation.

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Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Ray Tomlin at Fermilab has developed an internet based control system for his MMP robots. Ray really pushed the limits of this MMP-5 and its payload capabilities as you can see in the pictures. The MMP-5 was the prototype concept robot which lead to the larger MMP-40 system with the actuated arm. Many of our customers start out with one of the small affordable platforms to test their ideas out. They then can directly transplant their electronics and software to one of our larger platforms which allows for more payload, longer run times and a greater level of mobility in the real world both indoors and out. These remotely operated robots allow scientists at Fermilab inspect and take measurements inside the particle accelerator tunnel. Find out more here.




NASA-MIKE and Michigan State University have an on-going project to develop mobile robots for Antarctic and Lunar landscape exploration.. Nasa-Mike and his students have taken several trips to deploy their MMP-30 based robot in some pretty tough terrain. Check out their ongoing progress here.




More customer applications coming soon!