MMP-8 Mobile Robot Platform


The MMP-8 is the next step in mobility. The MMP-8 has a passive suspension joint that allows the chassis halves rotate independently while traversing rough terrain. This platform also has 6 wheel drive for to put more torque and traction to the ground for bigger payloads. There is room to mount additional batteries or sensor electronics inside the chassis or on top. There are also full length prototyping boards if you need to drill and tap holes for mounting components.

We have sold MMP-8 platforms to many Universities, Lockheed Martin, NASA, The U.S. Air Force and Law Enforcement all with positive feedback.

The Machine Lab has also outfitted these platforms for a range of custom applications including inspection and surveillance. Please call us or email if you have any questions regarding your application.

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MMP-8  Mobile Platform Specs

 Weight:  7.5 Pounds
Payload: 7 pounds additional

Run Time:

12 Volt Rechargeable

NiCad, 1400mAh


Over 45 minutes  of run time with single battery pack (included)

Dimensions: 15.25" L x 12.5" W x 4.25" H (Wheel diameter is 4.25")

Dimensions PDF file





6 Motor drive with all metal gears in hi-torque gear head motors. 

All terrain foam filled semi pneumatic tires.

Platforms are "Tank" drive and have a zero turning radius.

Chassis: Aluminum chassis with hard black anodized finish.
Suspension: Passive tube suspension allows the two sides of the robot to rotate independently while traversing obstacles. There are internal bump stops to limit rotation and all wiring can be fed through suspension tube between chassis halves.
Top Speed:  3.7 ft/sec 




Custom High Current Motor drivers with thermal and over current protection. Motor drivers can be controlled with a standard hobby-type PWM signal or with RS-232 serial control.

Note: The built-in motor controller also has an on-board 5V, 100 milliamp regulator that will power a Futaba radio receiver for PWM control or the RS-232 interface board for serial control. If you intend to run servos or any other TTL level 5 volt devices you must use an external regulator or battery. We highly recommend a switch mode BEC.

The RS-232 Adapter board only provides voltage level shifting and opto-isolation for control with a PC or laptop. It does not create or convert serial signal data. It is a connector for your DB 9 serial cable to the robot platform control leads. You do not need the RS-232 adapter board if you will be using a TTL level micro controller.

Note: As of 9/1/07 the MMP-5 and MMP-8 units have been outfitted with new motor controllers. The new controllers have many new features. See the User guide below.


Options: Prototyping Boards, RS-232 or PWM control, Radio Controllers, Camera Systems

Brochure: MMP-8 PDF Brochure

MMP-8 User Guide PDF